Tonatiuhmon Picture

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Tonatiuhmon, level Perfect/Ultimate/Kanzentai.
Virus attribute.
Metal Avian type.
Name origin: from Aztec mythology - Tonatiuh is the Sun or the Sun God.

This giant bird has completely metal body. When sun rises, he flies onto the sky. Tonatiuhmon needs sunlight to live. Whole day this shiny metal bird flies high over the clouds and collects light and heat into his body. He's a real furnace when he's completely warmed up, and can release white-hot light beams from the inside. During sunset he returns same place to sleep, on front of ancient temple. Night cools the metal bird again, and the cycle continues on and on.
Tonatiuhmon hasn't the same scared nature what marked Akuyruk or even Cuauhtli - he's now great god-like creature which doesn't harm or neither support anybody. Besides during daytime the heat of his body would be dangerous for many. But someones - at least Sichanmon - could go for a visit by nights. Tonatiuh is a bit big when compared to Sichan, but these two Aztec monsters have known each other a long while - friends stay even in upper levels.

Tirppamon -> Sieppomon -> Akuyrukmon -> Cuauhtlimon -> Tonatiuhmon -> Huizilocmon
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