Midgard - Hraesvelgr Picture

Named after the Norse giant who took the shape of an eagle

These are the largest land dwellers Midgard, only surpassed by the filter feeding Thrym Whale. Growing as big as elephants, they live exclusively on the beaches of the sea, feeding on the trees and algae in the shallow water. Their beak help pluck chlorophyll from the tree, but to do so, they need to tilt their heads.

The large tusk like structure is actually the 4rth part of their jaw that has fused with the skull into a large catapult like structure. The other three parts now form a grappling hook like mouth. The truth is, these animals have a lifestyle more similar to a Grizzly Bear. Although they eat mostly plants, they will occasionally prey on animals. Their strong thighs and neck allow them to hurl prey into the air and into their serrated beak. The design of the latter is actually more suited to cut plants rather than chew them. So they also toss stones in their mouths to help digest vegetation. To gain protein, Hraesvelgrs will primarily eat Fisks but will also attack small animals that invade the beach that they occupy. The Midgardians have long learned to be wary of these goliaths, even though a heavily muscled leg like that would provide a feast.

Young Hraesvelgr practice their prey tossing skills by playing with branches, stones, bones, anything that varies in size and shape. Testing their strength on different objects help sharpen their skills and aim. The use of toys suggests that Hraesvelgrs have some degree of intelligence, but due to their aggression, this will be hard to evaluate.

"This was a tough decision for my next drawing. I once made a sketch of this creature but I didn't have it on hand when I decided to sketch this guy. Hopefully, this drawing turned out better than the original."

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