The Moose of Hiisi - aRTD fanart Picture

Why's there no comics-category under fanart? Ah, well ...

This piece is for the fanart contest that *MinnaSundberg is hosting. It's for the comic A Redtail's Dream, which is just purely amazing. The deadline is the twentieth of September, and we have the twelft today (is that how you spell that anyway?) so if you have any critiques, I'd love you for throwing them after me right away so that I can fix it before turning it in. Of course winning would be nice, but really, I'm just going for a honorary mention, because getting this printed in the comic-book? Aw yiiiisss dream coming true. Eeeee!

About the piece itself? Well, for subject, the Moose of Hiisi was for sure the creepiest critter in the comic. Yes, it beat the giant monkey-fart fish. I clearly remeber turning a pge and then - bam! It just stood there and looked so creepy. So that was my subject. I tried with the black to just reflect a bit of the comic's original style, and it was a fun experiment, although I don't think it'll be the way I'll work next time. Also, it was like twice as dark when I started xD
I redid Ville's antlers once and the Moose of Hiisi's legs twice, but in the end, I think I managed to make it look at least okay.
I'd like to thank =wondering-souls for helping me, and for motivating me and being right out awesome. As always.

Hannu and Ville is copyright Minna Sundberg, as is A Redtail's Dream. The moose of Hiisi is apparently copyright Finnish mythology. Art belongs to me and must not be used by anyone than me or Minna Sundberg without permission.
And ... that's it. Thanks for looking, and check out the comic!
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