Tahu and the Titans Picture

When I ordered the Lego World Club Magazine for my 3 year old little brother, I have also explored the Lego website and some new bionicles. There I have also found a wallpaper with two robots. It reminded me of god of war. And so I took the wallpaper and photomanipulated it. Yes it's a photomanipulation, but I have used many, many concept art drawings as a base, so I decided to post it here.

However, when creating this picture I had a game with the bionicles in mind, which uses many parts from god of war ( look at the giant, then you know why). So use god of war, remove the blood, the sex and the most brutal moves of kratos and use instead of greek mythology the bionicle story. Dude, this will be awesome, mostly for the older lego fans, as it will only be able to be sold for kids of 12+.

I had to color Tahu for myself, and you see - I am not used to it - it has been the first time and I quickly drawed above the body with my mouse, as I don't have a graphics tablet.

Some stock images, I have used:

Wallpaper from Lego Bionicle website germany
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