Barguest Picture

Barguest - "The name of a montrous bogie, a supernatural beast that usually takes the form of an enormous dog. In the northern English counties of Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire, it is also known as Barvest and Boguest, which might be derived from the German 'Bahrgeist' meaniirit of the Bier.'

"...The mere sight of it bodes disaster or death, and if anyone tries to pass in front of it, it will inflict a terrible wound that never heals. Around the area of Leeds, a Bargues was said to appear and to set all other dogs of the city howling when anyone of importance was about to die."

(Excerpt from "Giants, Monsters and Dragons" by Carol Rose)

I've been reading a lot into mythological beasties lately (which may explain my horrific dreams recently) and I was inspired to do something other than a fanart with tits.

Anyway hope y'all like it, it's the longest I've ever spent on a pic for quite some time.

Hand drawn in pen/ink.
Coloured with watercolours, Photoshop CS and Corel Painter IX and WACOM tablet.

This pic (c) Dennis Davies
Quoted text (c) 2000 Carol Rose
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