Night and Day Picture

Blarh. Trying to get used to drawing in Photoshop, but it's tough. Not looking at your hands and paper is something I'm going to have to get used to ASAP...

Anyhow, I re-sketched an old drawing of my Gerudo characters because I’m a giant nerd like that. It’s a rough design of them when they’re much older since they’re usually shown as teenagers or younger. For anyone who’s curious, here’s some background:

Suna (left) and Nazmoon (right) are twins and aptly named due to the birthmarks they bear of the sun and the moon deities according to Gerudo mythology. Like Hyrule and its Triforce, these distinct markings are interpreted by the Gerudo to believe they are the sun and moon deities (re)incarnate.

Born from Parmida, a Gerudo thief of no particular rank, Suna is Prince and future King by law; it is noted by the elders (such as Nabooru) that he was born after the tribe’s previous ruler, Ganondorf Dragmire, who was forcibly exiled from the land, along with a small band of followers.

Technically, Nabooru is the ruling power and regent until Prince Suna is of age, knowledge, prowess, and has proven himself an able ruler and future King, yet at the same time, she is second in command to him as he is their tribal heir.

As for Nazmoon, she is Princess by birth and only because she is the twin of Suna. Nonetheless, she continually proves herself worthy of the title, and has gained the respect and admiration of her people.

Suna and Nazmoon (c) marthlovesroy
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