Ragnarok: Homecoming Picture

"Innocent? There are no innocents here..."
"Beg... beg for mercy... but it won't do you any good."
"Justice has finally come to Fayon... and the sentence is DEATH!!!"

From the department of big eyed and boobed manhwa (Korean manga) females, we introduce today valkyrie Sara Irine. Sara is an antagonist from the Ragnarok manhwa series, (very) loosely based to the Norse mythology and created by Lee Myung-jin.

12 years earlier Sara's father (Fayon's lord) killed her mother and tried to kill Sara too (for the reasons not revealed to the reader but somehow the entire village and many of its inhabitants were involved). Sara managed to escape and now, after 12 years, she returns as a valkyrie full of rage, hate and vengeance. Leading a group of frost giants (yes, those in the background
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