Asag: Arson of Sumer Picture

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So here we have Asag's final colors. A background may or may not be created, it depends.

But anyways, I tried messing with the legs a bit making them seem more centipede like and added extra joints in the blade. Its been a long time coming all things considered, a good FINAL design for Asag he never quite had as for the longest time he's been nothing but a giant wasp with a weird head and stinger, but now I can safely say he looks positively MONSTROUS.

Going through his THIRD name change in his history (going from Kaiju, Lord of Daikaiju to Kaijuron and now finally Asag) he has had a few potential new designs, a KAS design, a few protoypes and finally his original waspy self which participated back in Ren's 'Which Giant Monster are you' (god I want to another thing like that sooo bad...) contest way back in 09, damn, it really has been four years since then hasn't it? Oh my has time flew. But with all things considered, Asag was ultimately my first true Kaiju on dA (Salaruis didn't count)

So with it finalized I can go over the changes!
His lower body works like a Centipede, scuttling across the ground at fast speeds in a matter similiar to the Skeleton-pede from Sword Art Online (flawed series but with good monster design, now if only the pacing, story, and characters were as good) before taking off into the air where all of his legs and forelimbs can deal full body assaults in conjunction with his burning radioactive aura and near-indestructible hide. In short, all of his powers are the same...yes, even the wonky "knockout gas" weakness and prone to getting high off of any kind of smoke.

His origin is also changing now for KAS, namely he is an ancient kaiju with ties heavily to ancient Sumer and maybe even to a culture which inspired/predated even them if the Cuneiform (which says 'Asag' or 'Demon') is any indication. His name name stems from that, as the named Asag was a monster "so hideous it caused the fish to die and rivers to boil'...much like if it had immense heat or this guy above. In any case, Asag is new name.

This will be his new KAS design providing we all get that sorted out in any case, yeah, Asag.
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