The Rhedosaurus Legacy:Komoboi Picture

...this had been a very difficult design, because create all those shining "tatoos" was been a real challenge. however, this is another OC for the RHEDOSAURUS LEGACY...

Kaiju tipe: first Reptilian Saurus(Lizard), later Dream-Realm Creature.
Origin: born as son by a giant mutated komodo dragon(komodithrax). dead, transformed and resurrected as Essence-Devourer.
Length: 84 meters
Weight: changeable
Blood Color: cold fluorescent
Powers and abilities:
-devouring of killed creatures’ life-essence.
-increasing of power with devouring of essence.
-regeneration with devouring of essence.
-telekinesis blast from paws, tip of tail and mouth.
-telekinesis manipulation.
-shifting from Material-Realm to Dream-Realm(and vice versa).
-he can evocate on one of his arms the first soul of the King’s Sword(an Essence-Devouring wraith blade, freed as the sword broke).
-hurricane breath.
-venom byte.
-he can tolerate a lot of pain if enraged.
-if he don’t devours essence, he loses power…
-…and, if he loses too much power, he’s forced back in Dream Realm.
-he needs devour essence to get his telekinesis powers.
-the wraith blade is thirsty of essence, and if he don’t feeds it, the sword drains his energy.

A strange, mysterious, and deadly mystical Daikaiju…he’s KOMOBOI, THE THIRSTY FLAME OF VENGEANCE. As is known in the HEAT chronicles, there had been yet a giant mutated komodo dragon, Komodithrax, and it was a female who fell in love with Zilla jr., later Komodithrax sacrificed herself to kill the giant turtle, and she fell in an abyss, and with her the egg she laid… but that egg wasn’t been fertilized by the mutated iguana, so Komoboi’s birth is wrapped by mystery...however, Komoboi never birthed, because even his embryo development was complete his egg crashed on the deep of the abyss, so he died first borning…but here happened what caused his new birth: inexplicably, he had been transported in the Dream-Realm, the reign of the essence, described in the aboriginal mythology. Thanks to the essence that flowed in the Realm, Komoboi revived, but he knew what happened to him, and his mother…he grown and became adult in that realm, and his soul burned for rage, and as he reached the adult age the Dream Masters, the gods of the Realm, proposed him to become their servant, and in exchange take his revenge against Zilla jr., that he considered guilty of his mother’s death and his. So they transformed Komoboi in an Essence-Devourer, a creature who shifts in the Material and Dream realm, feeding itself with the life essence of killed creatures. Become the angel of death of the Dream-Realm, Komoboi returned in the Material-Realm(our realm), thirsty of essence and vengeance. Komoboi and Zilla jr. fought many times, but as last he couldn’t kill his enemy, who died and returned even it as an Essence-devourer. During a fight, the HEAT department took control of Mecha-Godzilla Kiryu, trying to use against Komoboi the King’s Sword, but the sword touched also the reborn Zilla jr…the ancient blade, believed indestructible, broke in the contact with the two monsters, and the two entities emprisoned in the blade united to the two monsters, becoming their symbiotic weapons. And their clash continues…

Allegory: Komoboi represents the consequences of conquest war; like that of Afghanistan, Iraq or Lebanon; that generates the rage of people against the West.

Rhedosaurus: Warner Bros
Zilla, Komodithrax, Giant Turtle, HEAT: Tristar
Komoboi and Rhedosaurus Legacy: Me
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