Keep Close Picture

She had settled on the couch. She wasn't sure how many hours she had lain by her lonesome, but it was clear she had at one point in time dozed off. For when she awake, she found a small body nestled between her pillowy mounds. There sat Claire, crammed clearly into Leona's sizable sweater, between the bare flesh and the fabric. She was curled up, trying to keep every point covered. It was slightly comforting, though. Her natural warmth heated the space between Leona's matronly endowments, and she created this center of heat to stave off the winter cold.

Leona looked down, finally deciding to be awkwardly imposed by the situation. Simon was out chopping firewood, so they would have to brave this cold front by their own means. Leona had a few old sweaters, and Claire had...Leona, conversely.

Leona sat, trying to to move her breasts too much. Claire seemed to embrace her as much as she involuntairly embraced Claire in her cleavage. She wasn't sure how to go about doing this. She didn't have much to do, but she was afraid she might accidentally roll over in her sleep and smush the poor girl. Or maybe that pendant of growth would act up again and she'd grow with Claire in her top. That couldn't end well.

Claire stirred a bit, clearly awake, and Leona decided she could speak to the girl.

"Um, Claire? Sweetie?"

Claire, face down in Leona's excess flesh, muffled out a "Hm?" In reply.

"I could get you your own sweater, you know."

Claire just let herself sink in a bit. "But it's cooooold, Miss Leona." The tiny girl curled herself up a bit more. "Too cold to leave here."

Leona blinked, deciding the girl was immovable at the moment. It was quite cold. Getting out of bed this morning was torture, and when she yanked the covers off of Simon's bed to wake the boy, he curled up so fast she was afraid he might compress into nothing. With a small shrug, she gave the small demon a pat and ran her hand through her warm hair. "Alright." She smiled and laid back, starting to enjoy the warmth of the girl.

"Thanks, Miss Leona."

"You're welcome, Claire."

I like Claire. I like Leona. I like Claire because she's innocent and shit. She's the "cute little girl" character for the most part, and plays the part well enough. Sort of the absolute pure optimist in this little lore. And probably the most innocent thing next to Aisling. I like Leona because she can be put into story situations well, has a warm demeanor I'm still trying to iron out a bit, and has giant boobs.

So, hey. I like cuteness and boobs. Let's see if I can put them into one piece.

Oh, lookie-lookie. There it is. Who woulda thunk it.

It looks alright. I'm getting the hang of my lazy style of coloring, but I'll need to finagle with GIMP a bit before I can really churn out something visually interesting.

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