SKETCH - Odin's Sons Picture

I sketched all of Odin's sons (other than Thor, I ran out of room and I draw him plenty) This is more of a reference piece for myself than anything else.

Heimdall- The Grey God.
The Watchman. He sits on Bifrost and watches over Midgard with his superior sight and hearing. He has an irresistible smile, said to shine like gold. Will be killed by Loki at Ragnarok.

Bragi - The God of Eloquence.
The word 'brag' comes from his name, but in the past, bragging was a virtue. It meant you accomplished many feats.

Vali - The Avenger.
Born to avenge his brother Baldur's death, he shares his name with one of Loki's sons, and grew to adulthood in one day. Will survive Ragnarok.

Tyr - The Foster Father of Fenrir.
He sacrificed his hand in order to bind the Giant Wolf. The only one brave enough to approach and feed the beast.

Hermod - The Messenger
the only one who volunteered to ride into Helheim to retrieve his brother from the land of the dead. His name means 'War Spirit'.

Hod - The Blind
Born without sight, he was unable to participate in games or work with the other gods. Loki manipulates him, and uses him to kill his brother, Baldur.

Vidar - The Silent God
The killer of Fenrir at Ragnarok, he is one of the only gods to survive Ragnarok. Loki also does not speak badly of him in the Lokasenna.

Baldur - the Shining God
Odin's favourite son, said to be pale and beautiful. He is killed by Loki and resides in Helheim. He will return after Ragnarok.
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