Atlantean Scorpion Picture

Hey everyone, it's the Atlantean scorpion! Everyone's favorite gigantic arachnid. It's the size of a flat elephant! Like, if you flattened an elephant... and it didn't expand in width as it flattened.. that's what you'd have, only the trunk would be where the tail goes. What? oh right.
See, these guys can be guardians and shiz sometimes, but they're big gnarly hard to fight monsters as well.
The people of Atlantis are very handy, cuz they bred this sucker.. a giant scorpion.. whose shell is copiously impregnated with the silver form of orichalcum (y'know, that crazy magical Atlantean metal that's sometimes kinda pewteresque, sometimes a blazing coppery red, and.. also there's a crystaline form different from the metal. Yep)
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