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The goddess of eternal youth, married to Bragi, the god of poetry. Idun is the custodian of the golden apples of youth. When the gods feel old age approaching, they only have to eat of the apples to become young again. As a goddess of fertility, youth and death, it is possible that she was originally one of the Vanir.

Idun was once abducted by the storm giant Thiazi and in this interval the gods began to age rapidly. She was eventually rescued by Loki who changed her into a nut and brought her back to her hall. The gods were restored to youth soon after.

#3 of my Norse Deities...
I'm not going in any order, just sort of following the flow of where things take me. I'm trying to wrestle my ideas of Loki, Valkyries and a few other things out of my head before I attempt those, as they wouldn't fit the set if I did them my way, lol. But we'll see what happens.

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