When the Midgard Serpent Weeps Picture

The Midgard Serpent, wrapped around the world several times over, was said to be poised to kill Thor at the end of the world. He was said to poison the sky, to help bring about the chaos that would destroy all. The gods feared him, and giants went white as chalk at the sight of his mighty fangs.

But did he choose to be feared? Did he choose to be stolen away from his mother's hall, and choose to be the son of a bound trickster god? Perhaps why he eventually turned on the gods was because he felt betrayed. Cast out. Unwanted. Having Hymir and Thor intrude upon his forced-upon territory and tricking him into biting a fishing hook probably didn't help either.

Please note, this was originally supposed to have a transparent background, but DA's print shop does not like transparent background textures. Therefore, I had to give it a white background.

(Stone texture is from Mayang's Free Texture Library, and is free to use for anything, with credit appreciated if one does use their textures: [link])

Artwork ©2011 TwaRaven Motifs
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