21 - Yggdrasil Picture

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The twenty-second and last card in the major arcana is The World, no. 21.

Yggdrasil is known as "The World Tree," so there is nothing better suited for this card then a depiction of it. It is, as you can see, quite complicated, so let's start at the top.

Within the tree itself, there is an eagle perched at the top, on which, between its eyes, is perched a hawk. Within the branches, four stags nibble at the leaves of the tree. Running up and down the whole length of the tree is a squirrel, Ratatosk. He carries messages between the eagle and Nidhogg, the dragon who gnaws at the lowest of the three roots of the tree. These messages often irritate both the eagle and dragon.

The highest plane is home to three races: the Ljósálf (light elves), the Æsir and the Vanir. The light elves live on an open field (Alfheim), the Æsir built a wall around their home on a mountain (Asgard) and the Vanir share this home, though live in seclusion higher up the mountain (Vanaheim). Within Asgard, there is the rainbow bridge, Bifrost, that leads to Midgard but it also leads to the Norns' plane where the first root is nourished in Urd's Well.

The next plane is home to four races: the humans, the Jotun (giants), the Svartálf (dark elves) and the Dvergar (dwarves). Bifrost leads to Midgard, the home of the humans. Across many mountains that separate them from the rest, is the home of the giants (Jotunheim), where the second root is nourished by Mimir's Well. A dusty, rocky field is where the dark elves live (Svartálfheim) and underneath the earth live the dwarves (Nidavellir).

The last plane is home to only two races: the Muspell and the Nifl. The Muspell are fire giants and it is from here that the world will be charred and sundered before being reborn. Muspellheim is in the south. The Nifl are the misty, dark spirits of the dead who are overseen by Hel. Niflheim is in the north and where the last root is nourished by Hvergelmir, the bubbling boiling spring.

The card itself is made of ash wood. The darker ash for the main body of the card is an overlaid stain. The character is painted on parchment. Everything was done in PS. (Check my
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