Shuckmon and Lokimon Picture

Yay, fanmade Digimon! I have a lot of fanmade Digimon, really, but these two are the only ones I haven't really flashed out, and I felt that I should. So I did.

Yeah, they're supposed to be Impmon's Adult and Perfect forms. Shuckmon's name is based on Black Shuck, a giant ghostly black dog. You know, like the Grim in Harry Potter. The Grim is based on Black Shuck, really. And Shuckmon's based on Black Shuck too. Lokimon, however, is based on Loki Laufeyjarson, the trickster god from Norse Mythology.

Shuckmon's attacks come from the 'Grim' association and the whole bit where he's supposed to be a black dog, while Lokimon's attacks are all named after Loki's children. I'm proud of myself for that, it's sort of clever. =3
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