The Tale Of Mjolnir and the Dress 1 Picture

LOKI! What did you do with Mjolnir?
(And what is this vile green plant attached to my handle?)

This is a first in a series that is based on the Scandinavian mythology of Thor (the big macho God of Thunder) having to wear a dress to get his beloved hammer, Mjolnir, back from the evil, no-good, nefarious Frost Giants.

I have been wanting to do this since I watch the movie Thor and fell in love with Loki. But real life/laziness got in the way. But since the Avengers movie is coming out in May (MORE LOKI!!!!) I decided to move my lazy ass and at least start it. So I did. And I'm making it more challenging for myself by only using screenshots. I'm going to die from frustration, I already know it.
Expect to see Thor in a dress (hopefully) soon!!
Faster updates (if I continue doing it) on my Tumblr blog: [link]
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