Loki Picture

About Loki
Loki was the son of the giants Farbauti (father) & Laufey (mother). He was not an Aesir, but he lived in Asgard after Odin had taken him in & made Loki Thor's blood brother.

Loki was quite a sorcerer - he had the ability to transform himself into other beings, including animals.

His time with the Aesir did not seem to influence Loki with their high regard for honor & benevolence. Loki was just not to be trusted! He was full of mischief & as time went on, he became more & more crafty & scheming. Because of this, Loki often got the gods at Asgard in trouble, though he could also make amends on some occasions & make right what he had done wrong.

Did you know, Loki was described as being quite handsome!

About this Drawing
In Norse Mythology, we all know Loki as the instigator of discord; He’s always in the midst of chaos.

Whenever I encounter the word “chaos”, an image of a full-blown storm & crashing waves almost immediately come to my mind. So, I illustrated Loki on a pillar, enveloped by raging waves of - not water, but active plasma!

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This illustration was traditionally drawn in pen & ink. Then, it was scanned & digitally superimposed on paper texture (created & made available as stock by Ofruin Stock @ [link]).
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