Mermaid Princess Picture

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My Adventure Time OC, Marilla, the Mermaid Princess. It's been a while since I've posted anything OC related. I'm extremely fond of mermaids, they're my favourite mythological creature... so making one for AT was perfect. She's based more or less on a more 'monstrous' version of mermaids... my favourite. ♥

I think I made her design too elaborate/detailed, but w/e, I'm happy with it. There's nothing wrong with a little detail. Marilla is a very curious mermaid which often tends to get her into trouble more often than not. She's rather naice because she's been sheltered by her father for most of her life in the Mermaid Kingdom, but still has a curiosity for the world around her and yearns to explore.

Marilla (and Mermaid folk in general) can breathe on land because she has human lungs in addition to her gills. However, prolonged exposure on land without water will cause her to shrivel up and essentially dissolve into seafoam. So, when she’s on land she’s often hauled around in a giant fishbowl with wheels (need to draw that).

Enjoy. Comments are very much appreciated.

Adventure Time © Pendleton Ward
Marilla/MP © =lythweird
Art © =lythweird

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