Loki Picture

Now chibi Loki! 0г0
In fact, I decided to do chibi for any character with settled design. Also to add some information about them.
So Loki is the first.

Loki : facts
His name is Loki, or Lopt, or Lodur. He acts in the most of myths, from making humans and to Ragnarok. His father was frost giant Farbauti, his mother was asynja or giantess Laufey. He is Odin's brother by blood oath and get a right to be called aesir by his work, not by birth. He takes for aesir their most important treasures, but he also causes the most serious problems.
He's portrayed as pleasing and handsome, and he has seduced countless women (and not only women).
He likes playing tricks, he's god of mischief, and lie, and slyness, and also fire.
He was imprisoned for causing Baldr's death, but in last days he'll break free and lead the army against gods.
In Ragnarok he'll die fighting Heimdall.

Loki : made-up details
Loki is blamed for all problems no matter were he related to them or not. However...
He is really easygoing and nice guy, although his jokes sometimes are too much. He looks quite airheaded, but that's not truth. He cares about hapiness of every person in Asgard, though don't stop making fun of them.
He has very deep connection with Odin, who helped him in past. His belief and trust for Odin is limitless, and he'll do anything for his big brother.
But after his dear children were exiled, and his beloved woman was killed, he couldn't do anything but start his revenge.

Loki : design details
Red hairs and eyes of the same color. Actually I can't imagine Loki with other haircolor, but it has an explaination (which I'll keep for better times). When he were a baby, he had blond hairs as mostly of aesirs, include his mother, do. Also his eyes are ginger, while at first they were green.
Necklaces. One (can't be seen there, 'cause it's weared under clothes) is Freyja's "feather cloak" in form of a pendant. Other is a symbol of his wedding vows with Angrboda. I believe Angrboda were Loki's true love, so he keeps wear this thing until the end.

Too much of words
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