Aethermon Picture

Aethermon - The God of Light

Level: Armor
Type: Angel/Archangel
Attribute: Vaccine
Family: Nature Spirits

Aethermon is an archangel digimon whose name and design are inspired by Aether, the god of Light in Greek mythology. Aethermon is about 7 feet tall and his wingspan is about 14 feet wide.

Bright Air: A shining light descends upon his opponent and will dissolve any evil lurking inside.
Light of Aether: A beam of light shoots from his hands and burns his opponent.
Light Beam: The Crest of Light on his stomach shoots out giant blast of light that has to potential to destroy evil digimon within a certain range.

Wizardmon digivolves into Aethermon using the Digi-Egg of Light.

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