The Fae Picture

A whole pack of fairies, most of them from «The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies» by Anna Franklin.

Left to right, up to down:
Incubus - male demons who have sex with women while they're asleep
Goblin - tricksters
Korrigan - red-haired Scottish warrior faeries that hate Christians.
Thabet - evil long-tongued Burmese faeries
Blue Man of the Minch
White Lady- white ladies are popular all over the world, they bring snow and the Winter.
Igosha - Russian hand and leg-less faeries that play tricks on house holders.
One of the lizard-people that live in Lemuria
Setlano - an Italian fire elemental
Cluricaun (the grey guy with the bottle) - drunk leprechauns that sleep all day and drink all night
Urchin - faery-hedgehogs
Nekomata/ faery-cat/ vampire-cat - cats that grow two tails and become capable of talk, walk on their back paws and shapeshift
Succubus - female demons that have sex with sleeping men, like incubi do to women
Xanas - Spanish female tiny nymphs with long hairs that live in the forests and streams.
Dragon - you all know what a dragon is, right?
Spriggan (the cat-like one) - furry big-eyed creatures with a cat-like personality that is able to grow to giant sizes.
Imp - evil faeries that can be trapped inside a bottle and they have to accomplish 10 wishes to one who frees them.
Vouivre - a sorcerer capable of turning into a giant snake. If one steals the precious stone on Vouivre's forehead thet get many powers.
Bugbear - a bear-like hobgoblin that punishes evil children.
Spanish tiny beetle-like faery that serves one who catches him (I'll find his name soon)
Pigwidgeon - very small faeries (I drew it owl-like because of Ron's Pigwidgeon)
Puck - goat-like goblins who are not as bad as goblins and not as good as brownies
Unicorn - single-horned creatures that symbolize purity, virginity, goodness and Jebus.
Lare - Roman house-faeries; when evil are called larvae.
Kelpie - horse-like creatures that live in lakes and drown who tries to ride it.
Lesni muzove - type of Leshy (forest gnomes with blue skin and green hair) covered in shaggy green hair. like other leshies, they hibernate during Winter and dislike hunters.
Ramidreju - Spanish green creatures that are born from weasels and can find gold with their hog-like noses.
Kamaitachi - Japanese flying weasels that scratch people's legs.
Arkan Sonney - faery-pigs that bring good luck.
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