Genie for Smash Monster Rampage Picture

Another character I designed for the in-development board game "Smash Monster Rampage"

This monster was originally named Genie, but it seems they've changed it to Magic recently, though this is probably just confusion on my part. For the sake of coherency, we'll just refer to her as 'Genie' for now.

The original write-up for this gal was 'a game loving giant genie monster', but I misread the notes, and turned her into a 'gem loving genie' instead. Thankfully, project head Phillip Kilcrease of 5th Street Games liked my goof up and related design, and went along with it in the end.

Unlike more popular representations of mythical genies (which are often more human-looking and / or Barbara Eden-style sexiness), I went with the traditional Djinn of legend - amorphous spirit beings, made of virtually living smoke. And one with several scant jewels and gems embedded within her, like a personal collection that she proudly wears and flaunts about.

I'll have more from "Smash Monster Rampage" in the weeks to come. And Lumpy Space Princess comparisons - I've gotten enough flack from fans of that overplayed show as it is.
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