The Mighty Mjolnir Picture

The Mighty Mjölnir ~ (The Avengers, Thor)
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Whether you're fighting Frost Giants, Chitauri, or a big angry Hulk, the best weapon to have with you seems to be the one and only Mjölnir. Pointy parts and sharpened blades are trifling additions when compared to a hammer with 100% precision strikes, the power to level mountains, and ability to harness lightning. When you're not saving a realm with it, it could also be a fabulous carpentry tool or paperweight! Honor Mjölnir's true magnificence with a poster paying homage to Asgard's most fearsome of weapons.


About the Piece:

Thor is a pretty swell guy and I enjoyed both Thor and The Avengers, so it made sense to attempt a print of some sort with - what else? - dat hammer! Seeing as Thor is from Norse culture and faith, I felt an Arabesque print would be kind of odd so a tapestry-like design for the Celtic series was always the goal. The color scheme is simplistic and based on Thor's general costume colors in The Avengers with the red only to act as a backdrop to Mjölnir. Overall this actually came out better than I was expecting and I'm very glad I decided to do this. Next task: how to do a Loki print...
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