Ignorance is Bliss Picture

When you start digging into it, Loki really had a life that SUCKED.

He had several children, all of whom suffered greatly: Sleipnir (eight-legged horse) was vilified as Odin's steed, Jormungdar is a mindless beast roaming our seas, Fenrir the giant wolf was imprisonned on an island with a sword between his jaws...
Besides, Odin raised Loki to think he or Thor could rule Asgard, when he knew full well that Loki could never sit on the throne because of his true parentage.
And when Loki destroys Jötunheimr he punishes him!
(Sorry, Ive become a sucker for Norse mythology ever since the Avengers)

My point:
Loki definitely needs a hug. And ice cream.

...Okay, maybe not the ice cream, now that I think about it XD
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