Released Hollow Renji Picture

Another Hollow that wents right into the 'Idea shamelessly stolen' category.
You know, Renji has been asked for several times by know and I thought: Alright, start doing one now.
Following Dialogue followed:
My Sister: "Renji looks kinda Indian."
Me: "Indian?!"
My Sister: "Yeah. With those tatoos and stuff. Somehow he looks like an Indian."
Me: "And what do you think?"
My Sister: "I'm thinking about Xiuhcoatl." (Xiuhcoatl is a great Fire Serpent of the Aztec Mythology)
Me: "But he already got a Fire Serpent."
Three Minutes later.
Me: "How about Huitzilopochtli?"
My Sister: "The Humming Bird?"
Me: "Yeah. You see, Renji got red hair. Red hair= War. Hutzi= War God. Zabimaru= Giant Bone Fire Snake Thingy, Renji's Weapon. Xiuhcoatl= Giant Fire Snake Thingy, Weapon of Hutzi."
My Sister: "Awesome."

Annnd that is about how it happened.
After a few tries I decided on this design with Renji getting Bird Legs and a Bird Head (which looks like a Marlin, though) and changing Zabimaru's appearance to fit with the Description of Xiuhcoatl. Look here: [link] the resemblance is uncanny.

In Color [link]

His Unreleased State: [link]

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