Arrghus Picture

Arrghus, the sixth boss from The Legend of Zelda; Link to the Past.

Arrghus is a giant Jellyfish creature with one huge eye. It protects ts itself by surrounding itself with Arrghi. Arrghus is based on the creature from Greek Myth of the same name but different spelling, a creature that is covered in eyes. Although Arrghus is not covered in eyes, it does surround itself with eye like things. Arrghus also appears in Majora's Mask and Four swords as a boss. He also appears a couple of times as a mini boss.

In Link to the Past, Arrghus appears as a bright orange Jellyfish that has the ability to float in mid air. In my design I based him on a box jellyfish, the most poisonous creature known to man. It can kill a fully grown man in seconds. Jellyfish are transparent, and also florescent. Some of them look like swimming lightbulbs. I wanted to try and capture that feel in this drawing somehow. I also wanted to give him more than one eye because of what it is based on. It still has one huge eye but has 7 smaller eyes above it. The Arrghi that surrounds it I turned into lots of floating eyeballs instead of just floating blobs of nothing. In its main body I hinted at the shape of a brain, giving it an otherworldly feel, almost alien. Its one huge eyeball is inside a mouth instead of a socket. That would imply that it might swap its eye ball for one of the floating ones. Who knows? A lot of sea creatures look like something not of this world so I wanted to give that feeling in this drawing. I changed the colour from orange to pink with hues of blue as florescent light.
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