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I'm in all honesty more for sadiexanubis than I am this, but I had to draw it out anyway. They play off eachother well in the series. Sadie is brash and does things as she sees fit, though she's still caring. Set is cunning and witty, heavy on the sarcasm, and while might be an evil god, but has a side of himself that's a bit softer.

now that Set is free, and Sadie can't use his Ren to control him anymore, I imagine him just randomly popping up to annoy the shit out of people, maybe cause a bit of mayhem, but not enough to get buried insanely deep into the duat.
(I kind of also picture him being not...pervy, but pervy on purpose to get a rise out of people. )

this features, sadie's isis rainbow wings, set's redsandtwister

(For those who arent familiar with the series, Sadie has a giant girlboner for Anubis, who is Set's son. kind of. And it's a very complicated situation, liking a big dogheaded kid. Sadie has Isis living in her head, who is the twin sister of Set's wife. Set's wife who is living in Sadie's brothers not-girlfrind's head.
And their father is Isis' husband, and Sadie's brother has Isis' son in his head.
All in all it's more incest than a backalley Alabama family reunion.)

I swear to god I won't draw anymore kane/percyjackson stuff.

course I swear that on a god of deception. so.
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