Under the Shade Picture

"Oh! It's me and Martin's tree! Or… well, it used to be. We used to sneak out of the village just to sit under its shade. We'd be gone for hours and make it home just before they closed the gates. And Father Degory would be so angry! haha! But then… one day when we snuck out we saw the tree was gone. The elder's had chopped it down. I was so heart broken. When I asked Father Degory why… he said it had been cursed. They found a symbol on it." - Bethany

My goodness long time no see. Sorry for the inactivity guys. Life's been just really busy lately. With my new puppy, and recovering from a concussion (i fell off a darn galloping horse), it's just been really, really crazy. But now I'm finally getting back into the swing of things.

But, I was able to finish this old thing! Honestly, I think I could've done more shading and what not but eh. I just wanted it to be done. So this is from my tree story. You can't see it very well but the tree Beth's actually talking about is the stump behind the two. And tree monster? What tree monster? I don't see a giant spidery tree monster anywhere
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