Pouched by Isis the Kangaroo Goddess Picture

Yes, I made a giant Egyptian kangaroo. What say you? owo

Like her goddess counterpart from whom she's named after, her attributes are life, mothering, and sorcery; particularly the mothering part. She has a quirk (or obsession, depending on who you ask) for taking things she likes, stuffing them in her pouch, and just keeping them. Isis is generally pleasant in nature, and doesn't anger easily. On the rare chance that she has been upset, it usually has to do with someone hurting or stealing something she's fond of, or that she considers to be hers. She is capable of using magic, which she channels through the cobra pendant on her tiara.

Again, thanks for all the favorites and especially comments, I love reading them! Hope you like her.

Isis belongs to me, but I don't mind if she's used in other artworks you all draw; all I ask is that you give proper credit!
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