loki no yatsu Picture

Before I comment, a back-story:

In Norse mythology, there exists a legend of Thor and Thrym. Thrym, a giant, wished dearly for Freya's hand in marriage and so, stole Thor's legendary hammer. Thor wanted his hammer back, but could not promise Freya in return. Loki, being the clever trickster, dresses Thor up as a goddess and sends him off to the wedding feast. As is custom, Thrym places the hammer in his bride-to-be's lap. With his returned hammer, Thor throws off his disguise and slays everyone at the feast. The end.

lol Okay, when I read about this, I just *had* to draw something! =3 I could see it in my head O.o Just a plain, quick CG, but I love the idea ^.^;;

matantei loki by kinoshita sakura
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