Phase 3 of my Tattoo Picture

Alright! So just as I've promised!
I have re-uploaded a better quality picture of my tattoo back piece!

Anyways as you can see the background is all that is left to do..

lol This also isn't just ANY Wolf! it's actually a very VERY VERY Special wolf!
This Tattoo is actually the wolf known as "Fenrir".
Many people know Fenrir from Cloud's emblem, or his bike which is named after the "Fenrir wolf".
(Cloud Strife is from Final Fantasy VII)

I chose Fenrir wolf, for more then just one reason!
(I won't get into those reasons here.. A lot of them are very private reasons..)
One reason I will give though is because in simple the tale of Fenrir goes;
The fire/trickster god Loki had a baby with a Giant, they gave birth to a few children one of which was Fenrir wolf!
Anyways as days passed Fenrir grew in size and power daily!

The only god that was brave enough to go near Fenrir was a god named "Tyr" (The god of war at the time/in Norse mythology.) anyways the rest of the gods got a prophecy which said Fenrir would be a threat in the future and so basically the gods tricked Fenrir betraying him.
To make this even shorter Fenrir eventually breaks free and kills many of the gods including a god named "Odin"..

Fenrir is actually a GIANT god wolf, who eventually grows big enough to bite the earth in half, he's a god killer!
The point is one of the reasons why I got him done was to reflect my Martial arts growth! To represent how day by day I become/grow stronger!
The background is a Chinese styled background (actually Fenrir is also designed like a old Chinese painting..)
In this tattoo Fenrir is climbing up a huge mountain leading to the gods.
The mountain Fenrir is climbing over is suppose to represent a huge obstacle, which represents all the hardships I go through in life, the Chinese style is to represent how I'm Half Chinese and because wolves are more of a western animal today it also represents my Caucasian half...
Those are some of the most basic reasons...

Here's a link for those of you who want to know more about Fenrir! [link]

Anyways this tattoo was seriously the second most painful thing I've ever gone through in my life!
I soldiered through it like a warrior! (It actually still hurts now!)
Anyways after my awesome artist finished the tattoo, I started to feel light headed, and was on the verge of passing out.. This was actually because the artist was telling me how another guy who did a huge back piece ended up actually passing out, and the whole time I was thinking about it telling myself I wouldn't let myself do that!
Anyways since I noticed what was coming I started to splash cold water on my face and then started to slap/hit myself in the face hard enough to shock myself to wake up..
lol Being a fighter I have to be able to keep myself from passing out! I mean if I get knocked out in a fight that could mean death for the fighting art I train!

Anyways I am prideful at how I handled it, especially when the artist told me bigger tough guys literally passed out and even puked afterwards, whereas I really managed like a warrior!

I really am surprised though! I had two tattoos done before, but I guess because this one was so big it was actually that painful!

All I have to do now is finish the background and my back piece is finished!!!

The Zen Circle acts as a moon amongst other things..
The Kanji is Bruce Lee's Motto which is my battle standard.
The Fenrir Wolf is many things including the main things I talked about above!!!

ANYWAYS!!!!!! Let me know what you all think!
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