Soulstone Beskyddare Picture

Name: Soulstone Beskyddare
Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Race: Human

Personality: Outgoing, friendly, cheerful, loyal, protective

Powers and Abilities
- Deity level strength and endurance
- Martial combat prowess and techniques passed down through his Family

Soulstone belongs to a powerful family of human guardians known as the Beskyddare Family who are charged by the Aesir to defend Midgard from external threats. Many generations ago, an ancestor of Soulstone saved the Aesir Baulder's son Forseti from danger. Eternally grateful, Baulder blessed the Beskyddare family for their deed and kindness. He granted them a special gift in the form of a pair of Aesir crafted bracers called The Bracers of the Nine Paths. The provide the user with immense power and have been passed down through the generations to the present. Soulstone now wields these gifts with honor, respect and the power to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Soulstone may at times, seem lecherous at times towards the ladies but he knows how to be a true gentleman and knows when to be a jokester and when to get serious. A common problem of Soulstone is always running into Frost Giants and getting on their bad side. Soulstone also has a knack for upsetting a certain Valkyrie.

Soulstone didn't under go any changes. He's pretty boss as is. He is also not my character and my best friend's
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