Loki, the Trickster God -OC- Picture

Loki is the other main character of my project "Queen in the North". (Original character so don't steal!)

Loki is the most manipulative of all Norse Gods. He started as a humble god, serving Odin without showing too much of his wits. Then the giant Skymir came along. Loki offered him the Goddess Freya in exchange of the construction of Asgard: The giant had to built the city in three day and seeing that he was nearly done before the deadline, Loki, who was a shape-shifter, changes into a horse and lure Skymir horse away so that he could not finish his work. Odin was so impressed that he named Loki his personal councellor.
This sudden appointment aroused jalousy among the other gods. Baldr, Odin's son, was especially affected by his father's decision and tried to take Loki down, but Loki was too clever and never fell into Baldr's traps.
Then one day, Odin offered him a beautiful slave named Sigrid and the story begins here.

Loki (C)
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