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Long ago, during the age of magic and wonders, the gods sent forth emissaries as their order of manifestation down to the mortal world. The ancient inhabitants were well aware of these mythical deities and their presence on Earth, and as any being of lesser position, they constructed huge monumental structures to honour their creators. But no great civilization lasts forever, as time past these holy places became nothing more than degenerating relics. Soon these holy messengers lied dormant for countless millenniums well below the Earth, hidden from the world passing above, and waited once more for their masters' call. Finally, the sound of war across the world brought forth the awakening of these sleeping giants. Once again, these deities have taken arms to the gods' biddings, while bringing with them the relics of the past. Welcome to the new age of titans, welcome to the new age of the gods, welcome to Dominance War III

So yea..... there's like my little thing for this year's Dominance War III

Pretty much, my character's pretty self explained based on the picture, but a little history of this guy goes as followed:

The Desecrator is the deity of the god Tlazolli (from Mayan mythology), he laid dormant beneath the earth, but with a visible artifact etched into his forehead, which was the only visible object that stuck out of the ground. The natives believed the artifact to be of great holy significance, and so they constructed a great temple around the sacred artifact, as a sign to worship the god. Over time, the civilization mysteriously vanished, and so nature reclaimed the temple with a forest. As Dominance War 3 came, this planetary beast awakened for battle. Conveniently, the temple had been attached to the deity, and now it serves as a garrisonable aspect of The Desecrator : )

Here's basically ALL the rough notes, profile, anatomy mechanics, and points of assembly from start to finish, you can read them all here:

Page 1 [link]
Page 2

(yea I know I misspelled 'deity' wrong, too bad Photoshop doesn't come with spell check)

PS, I'm not too good in designing my own fantasy characters, so cut me some F ing slack.

I don't wanna say more cuz it's really really self explanatory if you're willing to read the thread links : )

Done in Photoshop CS

art (c) JinJian Xu
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