Final exam work Picture


here is my picture from the 15 hour long exam I just did this week
(11th-13th of may)

my theme was "celtic" but since I'm norwegian, I decided to mix some norse mythology into my work

you have probably heard about the "three of life" or "Yggdrasill"
this tree had 3 roots that extended into different locations
one to the realm of the goods (Asgard) *however, for people not too familiar with the story, it would seem strange that the world of the Gods' was "underneath" the tree, so in my picture I put the God realm closer to the top *

one to the frost giants (who are close to the human realm Midgard[Middle-earth] * or "Miðgarðr" if you prefer the old norse*)

and the third to Nilfenheim- the world of the dead (their "ruler" is the woman Hel *daughter of Loke/Loki)

souronding Middgard is the world serpend; Jörmundgandr (son of Loke/Loki)

at the bottom of the tree is the dragon Níðhöggr/Nidhogg and many other serpents (two named Góinn and Móinn), who gnaw on the roots of the tree, causing it to suffer

in the top of the tree lives an un-named eagle, who holds much wisdom

the squirrel Ratatoskr scrurries up and down the tree with "malicious messages" between the eagle and Níðhöggr.

the rainbow (Bifröst) is the road to the realm of the Gods from Middgard
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