The Golden Boar Picture

The Golden Boar is a mythical creature in Norse Mythology,

Here is the Legend:

To spite his enemies, the gods, Loki cut the beautiful golden hair of Sif, Thor's wife, while she slept.
The Enraged Thor threatened Loki with death, at which the god of mischief promised on death itself to restore Sif's locks. But, as usual, he decided to do some harm as well.

There were two elven families who were great smiths. The sons of Ivalde and the sons of Sindre both had stocks of invaluable treasures.

Loki decided to set these two families against one another. First he went to the sons of Ivalde, and had them forge gifts for the gods.

To Sif would go hair more beautiful than that she lost. To Odin, a great spear named Gunger. To Frey, a golden vessel, large enough to hold all the Asa-gods but capable of being folded and carried easily.
The gifts were presented to the gods, and the sons of Ivalde were in high favor.

Loki then went to the sons of Sindre, to tell them of the reception of the sons of Ivalde. He coaxed them to compete and to forge even greater gifts.

The first was the Golden Boar, the second the Ring of Draupner, and the Third the Hammer of Thor.
The ring was a magic ring of fertility, and the sons of Sindre gave it to Odin. Frey was presented the Golden boar, which was so brilliant that it lit the darkest nights. To Thor, of course, went Mjolnir, the great hammer.

The Gods decided that these were the greater gifts. In the end, the sons of Ivalde rebelled by joining the frost-giants in their battle against the Asa-gods at the destruction of Asgard.

Loki's end was achieved.

The snake's in that arrangement represent the Symbol for Loki, the golden hair represents the lock's Loki stole from Sif, and of course the Golden boar is the representation of what Loki created for Frey with Sif's hair.
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