Hail To The Holly King, Baby! Picture

In Oneiroia, our Santa Claus differs quite a bit from the more generic portrayals you find in most other animated/comic series. Santa (or the Holly King) in our stories leans more toward mythological portrayals than the poster-boy created by Coca-Cola.

Our Santa is not fat; he is simply of giant proportions compared to mere mortal men. The Santa from our world stands about 9 feet tall and is more husky than fat. He wears red and green robes as opposed to a suit, and the collar of those robes are decorated with holly (appropriate considering his title as "The Holly King"). In place of a hat, he wears a wreath adorned by holly and candles which stay lit even in the harshest wind. In his hands, he can often be seen carrying either his candy cane staff or a magic torch of which he uses to work his Christmas magick. He lives in a magickal palace in the kingdom of the snow elves, and while he does ride in a sleigh pulled by reindeer; the reindeer are pure white with shimmering blue eyes and pink antlers which give the power to fly...they're a magick race of reindeer closely related to unicorns.

We do refer to him as Santa on occasion, but he's more commonly referred to as either "The Holly King" or "Father Christmas"...but I like to jokingly call him "Papa C"(which is meant to be a poke at Father Christmas). He's an old friend of Pyro's and an even older friend of Adilia. He's got a few occasional enemies (like Splight and Malice), but his only consistent adversary is his old yuletide partner, Krampus. Krampus and Santa used to work together, but they had a falling out several centuries ago; as Santa greatly disapproved of Krampus's methods for dealing with the naughty children.

Santa shows up in our holiday-themed stories every now and then, and we have a few adventures where we either have to help him save Christmas or save him from some peril which has befallen him. He's a really sweet old guy with a great sense of humor...but his jokes are always terrible.
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