New Cairo Sketchdump Picture

More drawings produced under the influence of the Age of Conan soundtrack, especially the Stygian music. These are a few days old already, as I was holding onto it until I got some color concepts down. Sketched while on the planes, and while waiting at the airport, on my way back to Singapore from Canada.I outlined the sketches in Singapore since the turbulance on the planes was so bad.

Top left: Experimenting with Neferset and some ... revealing (understatement of the year) outfits for her. Very heavily inspired by Tempests of Set in AoC.

Top right: Egyptian concepts wouldn't be complete without anubites, would they? Since it's a cyberpunk/scifi world I tore out the poor guy's insides and replaced them with wiring. Guards of the temple, of course.

Top middle: Sacred crocodiles kept in the Temple of Sobek.

Middle: Architecture ideas for the temple exterior. The giant statues are known as "Sentinels", but unlike the hori and anubites they are merely there for show, and don't have sentient thoughts or movement.

Bottom left: The high priest of New Cairo. The feathers were an impulse thing, and I doubt I'll keep them. He looks like a Flight Transporter from Aion with them.

Bottom right top: Where there are anubites there must be horus, or hori. I'm a sucker for avians, ask anyone. I'd have jumped on Everquest II if I could have played an aviak.

Bottom right bottom: Close up of the hori, because I love them so much. I doubt I'll keep the glowing tubes, they don't really serve a purpose save to make it seem that much more "scifi".

New Cairo C.
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