Lagarfljot Worm Picture

The Lagarfljót worm, or Icelandic worm monster, a little-known cryptid said to live in and around lake Lagarfljót. According to Wikipedia, people have claimed to have seen this creature in the water or coiled up on shore, and it is described to be around 300 feet in length. I'd never heard of it myself until I read an interview with "Of Monsters and Men" where one of the band members listed it as his favorite monster.

There's something indescribably creepy to me about a giant worm, but add the lake with high siltation and poor visibility and the strange habits of the creature and this is one terrifying tall tale. I don't believe in this sort of thing, but cryptids can be entertaining as lore, and fun to illustrate!

I took some artistic liberties with the physical features of this monster, as there aren't really many depictions of it, at least not that I could find, and the description is kind of vague. Overall, I chose the form of a giant bloodworm, especially in the anatomy of the "head" (though bloodworms don't have those wriggly tentacle things around the mouth). I chose to show the creature at dusk, coiling around its self in the shallows, with its tail trailing off over a dropoff into deeper waters.

Here's the Wikipedia article on the monster: [link]
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