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omg so like I was in the library today and I saw this book on norse mythology and I thought 'oh cool lets give this a read' and I just stopped on one part and it was Loki making Thor dress up in a wedding dress to get his Mjolnir back.

I shit you not guys it's fucking canon.

Loki reports this bad news back to AEsir, who hit on a daring plan: Thor shall dress up as Freyja and go to Giantland to get his hammer back. Thor immediatley objects to the plan, protesting;

"The AEsir will call me a pervert, if I let you put this bride's veil on me!"

But Loki rudely tells him to be quiet;

"The giants will be settling in Asgard unless you get your hammer back!"

- From Asgard to Valhalla

Like Loki... you're such a little shit.


Thor & Loki | From Asgard to Valhalla | Heather O'Donoghue and basic norse tales I imagine.
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