Introductions - Briarieus Picture

Briarieus - "Whoa there, you okay? You're Bridget O'Brien, right? Hector's friend? I'm Briarieus, I was sent to find you. You'll have to forgive my brothers, they're aren't exactly subtle..."

Bob - "Is Hector ok - Wait, 'Briarieus'? THE Briarieus?"

(Captioned because I really didn't feel like messing up the scene with word balloons and such.)

A scene from the storyline where Bob and Hector are on a mission on the "Inside", there's a misunderstanding about who broke into who's house and tried to steal something and Bob runs into the Hacatoncheires Brothers one by one.

Bob actually runs into Briarieus last but I just felt like going in age order not story order. This scene is right after Bob runs into/from Gyes and Kottos, who chased her thinking she was a suspicious character. Briarieus manages to get Bob settled down long enough to explain what happened.

Personality-wise, Briarieus is very laid-back. Despite being the eldest and therefore the most responsible one, he likes to relax and there are very few things that faze him. He is trusted with one of the most important artifacts in all of Greek Mythology, which he wears on his finger. What it is exactly would just ruin the surprise. After their meeting, Briarieus actually takes a liking to Bob. He considers her, and I quote, "one of my Top Ten Favorite Mortals of All Time". What spot she is, I couldn't tell ya.

If you think he has a passing resemblence to Hugh Jackman (and by "passing resemblence" I mean "not at all I just like to have my delusions") it's because I want him to do his voice. Mmmm....Hugh...<3

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