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Hrimthursir, or Frost Giants as they are more commonly called as, are a gigantic viking-like race normally found in cold realms and planets. They are directly descended from the Titan Aurgelmir Ymir and share many physical traits of their forebearer. In the long distant past, the Hrimthursir were once allies with the younger race related to the Titans, the Æsir, with a number of the Hrimthursir serving as stone craftsmen and architects to them. Many of the magnificent buildings and walls that they built for the Æsir even stand to this day having stood the testament of time. They were allies as the Æsir were technically the children of the Titans. As Ymir was the one who created the Hrimthursir, they saw the Æsir as sort of cousins that they should be friends with. This overall friendly relationship between the two races lasted until the Titanomachy happened.

It's not exactly explained what happened with them during the primordial war, but the whole matter obviously involved Ymir leaving them after the war. The Hrimthursir don't blame Ymir after he left and even still actively worship him today even though he no longer answers. It's how the various different Hrimthurs clans interpreted his teachings afterwards is where the trouble is. Because they no longer had their immortal forebearer to teach them the proper and unified interpretation of his teachings, the various different clans started to interpret the teachings in vastly different ways. Though how each clan interpreted the teachings differed from one clan to the other in certain degrees, their differences can at least be divided into three philosophies. One philosophy is that they should be simple isolated primitives cut off from most other races. Another is that they should still serve the Æsir as deeply close allies. And lastly is the one wherein they should invade other races like warmongering barbarians. Despite the different philosophies and some minor grudges between individuals, the different clans generally have no biff with one another as they worshiped the same Titan. For everyone else however, the differences cause many problems especially for the Æsir.

Apart from the differing philosophies making it hard to deal with one Hrimthurs clan from another, the main problem comes from those Hrimthursir that believe that they should be invaders. Because of their racial and technological status, they often come into conflict with the Æsir or at least some of the races under the Æsir. There have thus been many scenarios wherein Hrimthursir besiege Æsir city walls which were ironically built by their own ancestors in the first place. The other Hrimthurs philosophies while generally peaceful, don't exactly help solve the problem much. Those that believe that they should be Æsir allies aren't exactly the most trusted due to their warfaring brethren. In fact, most of the original roles that their ancestors occupied before seem to be filled by talented Angels instead. As for those that believe they should be isolated, they generally pose no problem. However, they also pose no help either as in they often literally don't help at all. In short, there is a real issue between the Hrimthursir and the Æsir, one that's been a major problem since the Titanomachy ended.

Due to the general conflict between the Hrimthursir and the Æsir, many mortals have more than once misidentified the Hrimthursir as Demon Gods. While the conflict indeed at times can be compared to one with a Demon God, there are several key differences that state they are not Demon Gods. First is that the Hrimthursir are a mortal race, a very long living race but still a mortal one. They can live for vast millennia but can still die either from old age or from mortal wounds. Second is that as well as being mortal, they don't possess skills comparable to that of the Æsir or any sort of Demon God. Some Hrimthurs may use magic such as shapeshifting and cryokinesis but that's about it. Third and most importantly, while they are big they are not as big as anything that can be classified as a Demon God. They maybe big for a mere mortal but tiny when compared to an eldritch abomination that is a true Demon God.


*I know the Frost Giants are known as Jotunn, however depending on the source, the ones that are specifically known as Frost Giants are the Hrimthursir. Jotunn appears to be a catch all term for every type of giant which includes the Fire Giants. I dunno, mythology is like that. In any case, I used this name, Hrimthursir, to refer to them specifically.
*Hrimthurs in other sources is also the name of the giant who built the walls of Asgard. That was his actual name in some sources or he was unnamed in other sources. Again I dunno, mythology is again like that. All that is certain is that his horse is the one who knocked up Loki and thus fathered Odin's steed, Sleipnir. I used the fact this guy built Asgard as part of these guys' story.
*I'm actually planning to use the term Jotunn for a different race. It might be silly but it's not the first time somebody's used a different name of a mythological creature as the basis for a name of another type of creature. Ettins in generally come to mind. In Norse, Ettin and Jotunn are synonymous to the same type of creature, just as dog and canine are synonymous in English. Everywhere else, notably tabletop games, ettins are specifically two headed giants.
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