41st: Cuelebre Picture


The Cuélebre is a giant winged serpent (a dragon) of the Asturian mythology; which lives in caves, forests or fountains, guards treasures and keeps xanas (fairy nymphs) as prisoners.

Although they are immortal, they grow old as the time goes by and their scales become thick and impenetrable, and flag wings grow in their bodies. They don't usually move, and when they do it, it is in order to eat cattle and people, wether dead or alive.

One can kill the Cuélebre feeding it a red-hot stone or a bread full of pins, or any other unswallowable food. Its spit it is said to turn into a magic stone which heals many diseases.

Briefing, I wanted to create a digital painting (yes, no stocks nor photos used) which could reflect on DA our so underrepresented mythology; so in a way, it's my particular tribute to my homeland... What a patriot I am
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