Aeris: Yggdrasil Concepts Picture

Hey guys! This is so overdue OTL
There is a left and a right, you should be able to see the invisible line... the right side is the version that will be going down as the final one!

The Yggdrasil (IGG-dra-sill) is the World Tree in Norse mythology. It contains two levels of worlds along its trunk, and at the tip of each of its 9 roots is a world.

Although the Yggdrasil is also the World Tree in Aeris, it is only for the Sky Dwellers. Angel Eggs sprout from the tree, which when ready will be hatched into magic-using Dwellers by the Clovers.
The Yggdrasil's roots cover a large mound of land, in which Zinnia is said to reside in. From there, the roots twist into a single trunk, where they separate into roots as they cover the Rainbow Reef below.

Yes, I know the Valkyries are actually not part of the tree, but when I was drawing this I couldn't remember, so I made them up the way I saw them. Now that *Eevetta has told me otherwise, just treat them as... Yggdrasil Nymphs or something. Perhaps they could probably point out which Eggs are ready for the Valkyries and Clovers?
These Valkyries' ears are actually flowers with two layers, the longer petals being the ones facing behind (which... results them in looking like giant rabbits lawl). So far they have no specific appearance...

The roots of the Yggdrasil will probably be based on mangrove roots, and I found a beautiful set of photos to show you what I imagine it to be. I need massive help for the roots, so give a shout if you have any suggestions!

The actual tree seems to sit up in the sky... I'm not sure how we plan to make it joined to other places O_O" I'll have to check that out...

In short, the tree is based on:
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