Children of Odin I Picture

Eeeeeeeeeehehehheheeeee I found a prose version of the story I've been going on about in Tumblr for a couple of days now - the one where Thor and Loki trick Thrym the Giant to return Mjölnir (he stole it). So I thought I'd make some sketchy illustrations of the story, and post it here in snippets, since the actual story is Public Domain now. It's from the book "The Children of Odin" by Padraic Colum, and it's based on the original stories in the Edda. Mwahaha. I LOVED this story when I was a kid! Wait... I still do. I'll be using some refs from the movies, but not all the time... (All of this, naturally, is just a great big ruse to get to draw Hiddles, right? This one doesn't look much like him yet, though. But I'll get there. XD)

Marvel owns whatever little I retain of the movie design XD It's very lazy sketching for now at least!
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