Plague Bat Picture

The Plague Bat.

Camazotz, patriarch of the House of the Bat would birth five sons who loved and adored their father. Over time they would spawn families of their own and the cult of the bat would grow throughout Xibalba. These five elder sons would rule over the lesser bats splitting territory between them. One of these elder sons is the plague bat. Some say he is the source of the plague giants who wander the wastes, others say he was once the most beautiful of the sons of Camazotz, and is but another victim of the disease. Its wings, becoming useless have shrunk to become nothing more than pathetic protrusions and its bones have twisted and deformed to become rotten legs to crawl about.

The Plague Bat is corruption incarnate. The massive sacks that grow over its body are constantly evolving, ever mutating diseases. The bats body is a factory for plague. When the bat speaks it does so in the plague tongue a language that is a weapon in itself, and only the lord One-Death and a handful of others can understand and resist its taint. Infection can happen to non-Xibalban's just by simply listing to the thing's muttering.
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