Sea serpents Picture

Sea serpents, I don't have to explain anything here, about giant serpentine creatures of the open sea, nothing you can't look up at Wikipedia.

591) Devil's hand: This massive snake will drag ships below the waves and eat whatever is inside. real life snakes do have a secondary set of teeth inside their mouths, so in this case it is not as unlikey to evolve as it might seem.

592) Maned serpent: A rather standard sepent. Normaly it wont attack ships or people, but as sometimes dophins do, it may be interested in riding ship's bow waves to save energy, giving the tripulation an amazing spectacle.

593) World Serpent: A serpent so huge it so to surround the entire world. Those weird rock formations and that water rising mighty above the sky are the end of the world. Juts because its a badass serpent.

594) Mosaic: I don't know why I made this creature, what is that weird texture I gave it? Its made out of rock or something? flat scales? the mysteries are infinite.

595) Abyss shade: Probably the smallest in the page, only around 12 meters, its just a big deep sea fish.

596) The Tower: A massive creature, now seriuosly, its huge. You see those three like... tubes below its face? well it can spitt water trough those holes with pathetic power considering the might of the creature, nonetheless its mere height make it "fall" a couple hundred meters, and belive me, its a lot of water.

597) Gharialoserpentes: Maybe around 20 meters, it has week mandibles made to catch fishes and not fishing ships. It might have evolved from surviving primitive sea crocodiles that have lost their fins in the last million years.

598) Sea kelpie: kelpies are supposed to live in lakes or rivers, but there are reports of sea serpents with horse heads. Or maybe people from centuries ago didn't had zoos or National Geographic and only knew some birds, fishes, dogs and horses, and any animal with large eyes and a long narrow head would look like a horse to them who knows, I just drew a horse head.

599) Spiral: This particular seprent uses a very... particular way to catch its prey, it swims on a descending spiral creating a large whirlpool with its fins to drag anything in the water towards its mandibles, even ships n' stuff.
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