Princess Lynn Picture

This is Lynn the goblin princess and a main character from my Goblin series.

Lynn is the only daughter of King Oryk, her mother was a terrifying frost giant whom she inherited great strength and the ability to tolerate the extreme cold. Lyn dreams of one day joining the valkyries and becoming a great warrior like the heroes of old, so she constantly seeks battle weather its hunting massive polar bears, slaying trolls or challenging the men of the village to arm wrestling or drinking contests, which her father disapproves of. Many raids on their village have decreased their numbers over the years and since Lynn is one of the few goblin women left in the village, King Oryk whishes for his daughter to settle down and have many children. This causes the two to buttheads at every opportunity.
During a surprise attack on the village by the fiendish trolls, Lynn is knocked unconscious and taken captive to the troll’s stronghold in Utgard.

Garlic (c) Goblin Horde Studios 2011
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