Shang Yang: The Rain Bird Picture

This is an image I've had in my mind for a little while.
I bought a folklore book fairly recently, and have been loving dipping in to it. The Chineese mythology of Shang Yang really caught my creative attention. Shang Yang is a giant, one-legged bird who creates rain by blowing it into the skies when requiered by the local farmers. He is a provider of rain for crop farmers, a benevolent and helpfull nature spirit.
The descriptions of Shang Yang are inspecific, though sources I read describe it as having a long, thin beak, I decided to paint him as an indiginous crane, giving it a habitat in a placid and seemingly undisturbed lake.

This took me about 3-4 hours on and off over a couple of weeks. I worked in to it, then set it aside for some time, then cam back to it with fresh eyes and worked on it some more to finish it.
done in Photoshop and Painter.

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